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The photography of bottles


" The care brought to the photography of a wine bottle reflects the image of the domain which produces him(it). To confide(entrust) to a professional photographer this one, will always bring a qualitative value to your presentations and will allow your communicators to work more effectively on the image of your products and your country (soil).

An art which does not act as itself


The photography of wine bottles is an art which does not act as itself; rare are the photographers who master rules(rulers) and techniques been imperative by the world of the advertising(publicity), catalogs of export and by the iconography of the sites of on-line sales.


Franck Boucher guarantees you a work in the scale(ladder), without reflection nor deformation(distortion), with a development of your labels in the respect for the colors of the wine. A know-how appreciated(estimated) by communication agencies specialized.

" I receive bottles of the whole world "


Bottles arrive at me generally by FEDEX, directly at the address of the studio where they are handled in the week. A sample of pictures is sent back to the sponsor for Chromatic validation. Then upon receipt of the payment of the invoicing by transfer, all the views is sent back to his sponsor in High definition (from 16 to 35 million pixels).


Of the advertising photography on white, black or grey bottom, in one staged in cooking, in the vineyard or on an atmosphere counter... All is possible.

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